August's Story

I’m August a 5 year old Thoroughbred mare that was rescued by Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County with my little friend, Comet.


“Comet, watch out for the rusty pipe by that pointed piece of broken wood!” I whinnied. I worry we’ll never get out of this awful place! We get so excited when they find time to give us a small ration of food and water, which Comet can barely make it to through the large rocks embedded under the knee-deep mud. I have a difficult time with the muck over my long lanky legs, I can’t imagine what it’s like for Comet! All just to curb our starvation! My legs never hurt this bad when I raced. I think because our old food doesn’t smell or taste right, I just don’t have the energy any more. Comet wants to give up; he just can’t make to the feeder anymore. “Don’t give up my friend, we can make it somehow!”

“Come on pretty girl; it’s ok. I’m coming; easy girl……try some hay.”

“Comet, do you hear that! Oh wow, do you smell that sweet smell” I neigh.


“August, look at that man coming so slowly through the mud. “He has kind eyes.” Comet whinnied


“He’s got food!!!” I snorted with excitement.


We were finally on our way out of this nightmare! The trailer was warm and clean. The man and his helpers were kind and educated on how to encourage us to trust them. This was the beginning of our new life as it was meant to be.


I came to know Tony Pecho, founder of Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County, on that day- the day we started to live again! The next four weeks were filled with love and medical attention. The vet, gave me a complete examination, and found I had two horrific abscesses on two of my hooves. Every day my legs and hooves were gently wrapped after being cleaned and medicated. Though it costs just $25.00 a week, to take care of my legs and hooves, I never feel I’m not worth it.



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