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Below are animals that are NOT Owned by Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County!

They are owners that are struggling to find their animal a forever home. If you are interested in one of them please contact the person directly. 


Chance is a 23 year old Paint horse.  He is very broke and has good manners.  He stands good for the farrier.  He loves kids and attention.  Chance has cushings disease and requires a special diet and medication.  He's up for adoption to a good home that can afford to maintain his dietary needs.  He's located in Central IL in between Bloomington and Peoria.

Please email

Nikki is very sweet and loves treats. She bonds well with people and looks forward to seeing them. She comes up to you in the paddock and does well with her routine at the barn. I haven’t put a stick on her, but she is definitely on the smaller side. She is half Arabian and half Quarter Horse. Most people that meet her think she is very young, but she was foaled on May 11, 1997, Mother’s Day. 


As I described we had sold her about 12-15 years ago to a woman for her grandchildren. I drove by her farm and saw her in horrible condition. She was incredibly under weight and could barely walk. We discovered that the woman we sold her to had dementia and didn’t even remember she had horses in the field. We have spent the last two years rehabbing her and she is now doing much better. When we first got her back she was unable to walk, her feet were in horrible condition, and both the vet and farrier had little hope. Through some really great farrier work she has improved significantly. Nikki is now able to run and play with other horses in the field. 


She’s a fairly easy keeper just requiring hay and Tribute. The vet and farrier have recommended to keep her on the slender side to help with any pain she may have, but she is in good condition. She does require shoes on the front and we generally tranquilizer her for the farrier. It is hard for her to stand on three legs long enough and it keeps him and her safe. The only other maintenance required for her legs is some Bute in the winter. She needs to be stalled and shouldn’t be turned out in deep mud. Please email me at


Millie was given to me back in August was fine outside but since I don’t have warmth for to remain outside she is currently in my home. She is litter box trained. She eats pot belly pig pellets along with snacks on the side. She is about 3-4 years old. And weights about 110. She would have to be picked up from our home because we dint have means to transfer her.  Please email me at


Mailing Address P.O. Box 1019 Peotone, IL 60468

Phone Number 708-258-3959


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Banshee and Volunteer

One of our volunteers saying goodbye to Banshee before she goes to her new forever home!