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Laugh 'til it Hurts

Samson here, checking in for the latest edition of Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. I trust you all weathered the recent crazy storms safely. We made sure to bring everyone into the barn to keep dry and warm. My human pals were so bundled up some days that I couldn't recognize them until they spoke! They've been breaking ice out of our buckets a few times a day to ensure we always have fresh water. And guess what? They even brought warm water to the horses that weren't keen on the cold stuff. Feeding time usually takes 1-2 hours, but with the freezing temperatures, it's been stretching to 3-4 hours!


Despite challenges with freezing rain, snow, and low temperatures, our dedicated team has been working tirelessly to care for all of us. We appreciate their commitment, especially during these weather-related volunteer constraints.


This month, adoptions have been a bit quieter, which is not unusual given the weather conditions. Unfortunately, the challenging weather often results in increased calls about abuse cases and owners wanting to relinquish their animals. To ensure the well-being of our furry friends during these times, we've increased bedding, and luckily, we found shavings on sale this week, allowing us to stock up.


Now, onto some exciting news – get ready to laugh your hooves off! Comedy for the Critters is back! An amazing supporter is organizing the annual Comedy Night Fundraiser on February 24 at 8:07 pm at New Lenox VFW. Come join the fun; we hope to see you there.


That's all for this month. Tune in next month for another update with Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths.


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