Sanctuary Members

Meet the permanent residents that will live out their lives here at Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County.  All of these animals participate in our outreach program, At-Risk Youth Program, Veterans program and to help educate in our veterinary care program, just to name a few.


By sponsoring an animal, you enable us to buy food, medicine and the necessary care the animals need.


Kissin Dot

Kissin Dot, a Quarter Horse mare, is one of our outstanding lesson horses. She is an all-around well-mannered horse; most beginners at Illinois Horse Rescue enjoy working with her because of her easygoing disposition as well as friendly personality.

Annie and Calamity

 Food is the way to get these 2 girls hearts.  If you have animals crackers they will not leave your side.


Hazelnut is a miniature horse.  She is very quiet and easy going.  She is also very patient which makes her great for people who are new to horses.  She does especially well with individuals in our Special Needs Program.



Sequoia has turned out to be one of our best horses. He came to us underweight and with an awful case of rain rot on his hindquarters, which peeled off and left a large sore in its place. His previous owner left him out in the elements without shelter to protect him. Thanks to the love, care, and treatment provided by our volunteers and vets Sequoia has healed and is now participating in our programs.

Cami and Nani

These 2 peahens are a little more on the timid side but watch out when you go to leave because they love to sit on top of cars.

Tina, Blackberry, and Ester

These 3 gals can't get enough love and attention!!  Blackberry will even jump up to get hugs.


Cookie has been kindly donated to us.
He has added so much fun to our barn,
and is a huge hit with the volunteers.
Nobody can get enough of this cute
little guy.  Cookie has lots of personality
and loves to be the center of attention
He has brightened the days of many that he has encountered already and is currently active in our Outreach Program.


She has a big sweet tooth for apples and she loves attention.


There is nothing prettier then the sound of a dove sing his song. Dover loves to meet new people and sing his song for them. 

Sky Blue

Sky Blue came to us less than 24 hours old because her mother would not accept her.  She is SUPER friendly and loves getting attention! She has now a friend in a donkey.


Watch out for this little guy. He doesn't like to let people leave. He loves to talk and meet new people. He has become bestfriends with Sky Blue.

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Come out and join us for a day full of FUN!

Banshee and Volunteer
Banshee and Volunteer

One of our volunteers saying goodbye to Banshee before she goes to her new forever home!


The volunteers are unloading a truck load of hay into the barn to feed the rescue animals.


Come out and join us for a day full of FUN!