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5 Ponies Rescued

These 5 little cuties were just rescued 10/10/2020. Their owner passed away and did not leave any information about them. What we do know from working with them. Updated information 11/2/2020


Dreamer is a sweet little girl. She loved being groom as long as her friend was close! She is herd BOSS! 


Pirate is blind in one eye and partially blind in the other. He is very calm in his stall but when we try to do anything with him, he gets quite upset and VERY aggressive. He is underweight about 50 -75 pounds.


Blair has quite the little attitude and (I’m going to say it) she has the wonderful mare personality. She has a little biting problem that comes out of know where…. She was great to be groomed. She HATES when anyone of her 3 friends leaves! She is very bonded to her girlfriends!


Pumpkin is Very nervous but behaved. She is still unsure of us grooming her but never tries todo anything bad. She still has a couple good knots in her tail that we are slowly working on.


Astrid is the old girl. She is very easy going but still a little shy with us. She is a rescue volunteer favorite! She is a Palomino Pinto and is under weight about 50-75 pounds. She got her teeth done and we are hoping to see her start putting on some weight soon.


The vet came out to pregnancy check the 4 mares and pull cogins. They all came back on negative for both. We would love for all 4 mares to find a home together otherwise in pairs. Pumpkin and Dreamer would be the first pair available. We will need your financial help to afford the Veterinary care they will require. Please think about Sponsoring one of the cuties!











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