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Emergency Plea for HELP

Dear Friends,


We wish this was one of our typical letters with a rescue animal telling you their story with updates of the goings on here. Unfortunately, we have been barely getting by and this letter is a plea for help!


Since our establishment in 2011, we have made a huge impact. Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County (IHRWC) has helped over 800 animals find their forever loving homes. We save an average of 50 cats a year from possibly being euthanized and instead find them a home where they can live their best life. We currently have 86 animals at our rescue that need a safe loving home because they were other unwanted, abused, or neglected. Your donation is what makes this possible!


We are begging you for your financial blessing to help us continue saving these once abused, neglected, or unwanted animals. IHRWC is in a crisis right now. Please help and donate today to help give a rescue animal a second chance at a life they deserve.


We will do the work to save them. BUT will you donate to save them?




Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County

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