Dear Friend,

Who is the person behind the pen? 

I am Jessica the Vice President and Facility Director of Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County. I was extremely lucky to be born into a family of animal lovers. I am third generation horse lover and raising my beautiful daughter to be fourth generation. I could not image my life without animals and HATE to see one suffer. There is no better place for me to be then here at IHRWC! 

I sit staring at my computer wondering how to fundraise and bring in donations. So far all but one of our fundraising events have been cancelled for 2021 including our Help a Horse Day Fundraiser. I will be honest some days I hit a breaking point and just ugly cry. But then I pull my big girl pants up and spend the day cooking. As I am rolling dough for homemade noodles or something yummy for my family, I think back to all the animals we have rescued and the things we have accomplished with extremely limited funds. I want to share some of them with you.

      In April 2011 Tony Pecho (my father) established IHRWC nonprofit horse rescue.
      2012 we opened our doors to all hooved animals.
      2013 we opened our doors to all animals!
      2014 we started our barn cat program for individuals looking for working cats.
      2015 we had over 10 different schools and groups coming to experience IHRWC                weekly or monthly. 
      2016 we built 2 much needed shelters and built our western kitty village.
      2017 we had the best Help a Horse Day Fundraiser and restructured our office.
      2018 we expanded our reach into 20 different local communities to educate                      and impact the lives of individuals.  
      2019 we were able to fundraise and replace most of our wood fences to electric                rope.
      2020 we started Straight from the Rescue’s Mouth Blog and survived 2020!

This April is Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County’s 10-year Anniversary! Huge shout out to the 300 very generous donors that have financially allowed us to rescue around 1,200 animals! 

After remembering the accomplishments, I thought of all the goals we have for IHRWC. One being we would love to branch out to rescue animals from auctions! There is a lot of work that must be done before we can start. One of the main projects is for us to finish a fence that we started 3 years ago and have not been able to finish due to lack of finances. This fenced in area would allow us to rescue small hooved animals from the auctions allowing us to have a quarantine area away from the other animals at IHRWC. If you would like more information on this endeavor, please contact us to hear about our long-term project plan.

Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County is honored to have the opportunity to step in and rescue these animals that deserve to know love and compassion. Our vow to you is to continue to make sacrifices so we will be able to open our arms to just about any kind of animal in need.  If you can find it in your heart to sacrifice a little something and bless our organization, you will be helping us help them!  
Please send your gift today.  All of our rescue animals are counting on your support.


Thank you for your sincere kindness,
Jessica Pecho
Vice President and Facility Director 


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Come out and join us for a day full of FUN!

Banshee and Volunteer
Banshee and Volunteer

One of our volunteers saying goodbye to Banshee before she goes to her new forever home!


The volunteers are unloading a truck load of hay into the barn to feed the rescue animals.


Come out and join us for a day full of FUN!