These are some pretty scary times we are living in today. We hope you are staying safe and healthy! As a nonprofit we are used to having to weather many storms, but this is like one we have never experienced. We are desperately asking for your help to care for our unwanted animals!

We have been unsure over the past few months if we will be able to remain open to owner relinquishments for no other reason than lack of funds. This is extremely upsetting because if this winter is anything like last year’s that means we will have to say no to hundreds of animals who need help. The hardest part is to tell people we cannot help them.


Winter is quickly approaching and we most definitely do not have enough hay to feed our current rescue horses. We certainly do not have extra stocked for any horses we need to take in during the frigid temperatures when grass is frozen under layers of ice and snow. Currently, we still need approximately 1,000 bales of hay to keep our current rescue animals well fed until spring. Hay prices will steadily rise the closer we get to winter. Right now, we can find a good second cutting of hay for $6 a bale. That means we will need to raise nearly $6,000!

This is in addition to our other daily expenses including grain, basic and emergency veterinary care, deworming medications, hoof trimming, utility bills, insurance and so much more. Typically, we hold fundraisers and participate in different events to help cover all the expenses of operating a nonprofit animal rescue. All but three of our fundraiser events have been cancelled for the year! This is a HUGE and heartbreaking financial crisis for us, and we are sure for many of our followers. Today we have estimated a financial loss of $30,000.00 - so far!

Please, we need your help to continue our mission to help the overwhelming number of unwanted animals. Every single dollar matters because they all add up! Please contribute today and share our campaign with a friend or family member!


$60 will feed one average horse for a month.

Mailing Address P.O. Box 1019 Peotone, IL 60468

Phone Number 708-258-3959


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