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Ready for Adoption

For the latest information on which animals are currently available for adoption, please call (708) 258-3959 and we will be happy to answer any questions.

The FIRST step to adopting is a phone interview!



Age:  Senior Mare


Height: 14.3 hh


Breed/Sex: Appy Grade mare


Suitable For: Companion Only


Limitations/Maintenance: Monitor her back left leg and treat if needed.


Adoption Fee: $300 


Personality: This sweet senior mare, was just dumped in a farmer's cow pasture. She had 3 open wounds on her legs that were alarming and about 150 pounds underweight. She gained the weight and wounds are healed! She is an easy keeper and gets along with everyone she has ever run with.

Age: 22


Height: 15.1 hh


Breed/Sex: Quarter Horse Gelding


Suitable For: Intermediate

Limitations/Maintenance: He does have some mild allergies and will require shoes on the front. He has slight vision loss in both eyes. 


Adoption Fee: $1,000 


Personality: Quiet should be his middle name. He is a very mellow gelding and has amazing ground manners! He loves being groomed and getting baths.



coming soon.jpg


Age:  20


Height: 16.2


Breed/Sex: Quarter Horse Gelding


This big boy is being evaluated. Picture and description coming soon.


Age: 16


Height: 15 hh


Breed/Sex: Haflinger Belgian cross Gelding


Suitable For: Intermediate

Limitations/Maintenance: He is foundered. 


Adoption Fee: Being Evaluated 


Personality: More information soon to come.



Age:  18


Height: 16.1 hh


Breed/Sex: Paint gelding


Suitable For: Pasture Buddy, 


Limitations/Maintenance: He is navicular and wears front shoes and pads to help keep him comfortable.


Adoption Fee: $500 


Personality: This big boy came to us because his previous owners were moving out of the country. He would love a confident intermediate. He is navicular and can handle "light" work from a light rider. He would love a home where he could just live out his days in a pasture. 




Age:  Senior Gelding


Height: 15.1 hh


Breed/Sex: Grade Gelding


Suitable For: Companion Or Experienced Rider


Limitations/Maintenance: Will require soaked grain in the colder months.


Adoption Fee: $1,000 


Personality: Jinx was an underweight stray we rescued in Crete, IL. He is at a healthy weight and is one of the kindest gelding we have ever had. He loves everyone he meets (horse or human). He is a low man in the herd and would love a quiet friend to live with.



Age:  25


Height: 16.1 hh


Breed/Sex: Saddlebred Mare


This poor old girl is being show lots of love and care unlike her previous home. She is on a diet plan to help her gain around 300 pounds she need to be at a healthy weight. She was seen by our veterinarian because she had a baseball size mass hanging off her back pastern. The mass was all proud flesh from an injury that was neglected. Thankfully the Veterinarian was able to remove it successfully. We have been super diligent on making sure it’s clean and rewrapped daily to insure the proper healing for her. She is a super sweet girl and so patient with everything. She has a longer road to recovery and would appreciate any sponsorship.



Age:  1


Weight: 50 pounds


Breed/Sex: Bully/Shepard Male


Suitable For: All ages


Limitations/Maintenance: Will require training


Adoption Fee: $150 


Personality: This boy has LOTS of energy and loves to play!

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