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Barn Cat Program

Since 2012, Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County has been providing alternative living arrangements for cats in barns, warehouses, and factories to prevent them from being euthanized. We created a cat lifesaving program called Barn Cat. We realized that in our area and our surrounding counties cats could be utilized to:

  • Help eliminate or cut down rodent infestation and keep other pesky critters at bay.

  • Keep cats that are deemed not friendly enough to be house cats, feral cats or cats labeled as unadoptable from being euthanized.


Cats placed in Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County’s Barn

Cat program fits into one or more of these three categories:

  1. Cats that are fearful of people, better know as feral cats.

  2. Cats that are social but too feisty interacting with people

    and thrive by having “work” to do.
  3. All cats come from TNR programs or shelters. We DO NOT                                                         accept cats from private individuals.


Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County does NOT adopt out cats

as barn cats if they are suitable to be household companions.


Benefits of the Barn Cat program

  • Cats that we place into Barns, warehouses, outbuildings, and farms are known as the Rodent Regulators, they help to manage and control pesky rodents from chewing wires on machinery, air conditioning units, cars, tractors, etc.

  • Cats keep birds away and out in the country that is beneficial.The birds are quick to make nests under the hoods of vehicles and farm equipment which can catch fire and be deadly.

  • The Barn Cat program provides an eco-friendly way of eliminating rodents without harmful poisons.

  • Cats are given a purpose and this is a program where cats are wanted, valued and cared for.


A purrfect lifesaving program for cats.

Our Barn Cat program closes for the winter due to the freezing temperatures

Call today to adopt a your barn cat! 

(708) 258-3959


All potential adopters are required to fill out our Adoption Application, submit a veterinarian reference and photos of the facility where the cat will be staying.
The application and forms are available here:

Can't adopted... think about Sponsoring our Barn Cat program to help with costs.

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