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Message from the Founder

Tony Pecho

Founder leading a horse with a youth at risk riding

Having grown up on a horse farm as a child, being around horses was something I had always taken for granted. After starting to take in rescue horses on my own property as an adult, it took one visit from an amazing group of autistic children to open my eyes to the value of a horse’s love. I was amazed at the children’s response to what I considered to be ordinary horses. It was at that point that I realized these rescue horses had a bigger purpose in life. I vowed to make the horses the "superstars" they really were and give them a chance to shine their light on the lives of both children and adults in my community. I applied for the 501(c)(3) non-profit status so I could gain support in turning my new found vision into a reality. The Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County was established and a new opportunity was created for all. This organization is a place where people with special needs, youth, at-risk youth, U.S. veterans and persons simply down on their luck have a chance to improve themselves, help their community and generate a positive impact on the world around them. Today, with the help of many dedicated volunteers, I am proud to be the founder of an organization that continues to be a shining star, bringing hope and second chances to the lives of both horses and people alike.

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