Make a Gift

“I truly want to help. I wish there was some way I could give something to really make a difference.”

The above sentiment may sum up the feelings of many people. In fact, there are several ways to make gifts of surprising significance. Planned giving is the key!

You can find various methods of tax-favored giving to our charitable cause. We invite you to explore the many ways that you can leave your mark on the future. Consider how you might help provide for future generations while investing in Illinois Horse Rescue’s mission to change lives!Donate to provide hope and a second chance at life.  Help Illinois Horse Rescue fight animal cruelty and respond to communities in need of a positive change by making a tax-deductible gift today!                         

With your support we can:

  • Rescue mistreated and neglected horses

  • Provide medical attention to animals that have been otherwise left to die alone

  • Rehabilitate and adopt out horses to a better life

  • Help People with Special Needs, US Veterans, and Youth At-Risk through our programs with horses

Gifts in Kind

We welcome donations of items big and small. Horse trailers, farm equipment, cars and office equipment are just a few examples.
See our Wish List.


Company Matching Gifts

Many companies offer matching gift programs. Ask your employer if they will match your individual gift to Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County. Matching gifts can double or even triple your contribution.


Honorary and Memorial Gifts

Pay tribute to someone dear to you with a memorial gift to Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County. Their memory will live on through charity and kindness.


Life Insurance

Do you have an old life insurance policy that is no longer needed to protect your family? Naming Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County as the beneficiary is a simple way of making a considerable gift.


Gifts of Stock

Stocks and other gifts on investment assets provide individuals and corporations with a tax savings opportunity. Give a tax-deductible gift of stock to Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County to support a great cause.


Planned Giving

Planned gifts provide the resources that create amazing opportunities and nourish our future. The programs of the Illinois Horse Rescue depend on your goodwill.


Charitable Lead Trust

This type of trust makes payments, either a fixed amount (annuity trust) or a percentage of trust principal (unit trust), to charity during its term. At the end of the trust term, the principal can either go back to you (a grantor lead trust) or to heirs named by you (a non-grantor lead trust). You may claim a charitable income tax deduction for funding a grantor lead trust or a charitable gift tax deduction for funding a non-grantor lead trust. Since lead trusts are typically used to pass assets to heirs, non-grantor lead trusts are far more common than grantor lead trusts.



When you decide to leave assets to charity in your will, you are making a bequest. Your estate will receive a charitable estate tax deduction upon your death when the gift is made to Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County.


Charitable Remainder Trust

This trust makes payments, either a fixed amount (annuity trust) or a percentage of trust principal (unit trust), to whoever chooses to receive income. You may claim a charitable income tax deduction and may not have to pay any capital gains tax if the gift is of appreciated property. At the end of the trust term, the charity receives whatever amount is left in the trust. Charitable remainder unit trusts provide some flexibility in the distribution of income, and thus can be helpful in retirement planning.


Retained Life Estate

You may make a gift of your personal residence or farm to charity and retain the right to live there for the remainder of your life. You receive an immediate income tax deduction for the gift. At your death, the charity can use or sell the property.


eBay Giving Works

You can support Illinois Horse Rescue when you buy or sell on eBay, with the eBay Giving Works program. Click here to learn more.

Shop at AmazonSmile

Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Illinois Horse Rescue Of Will County Inc whenever you shop on AmazonSmile.

Type of Gift






You may be holding assets that would benefit Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County more than they do you. With the assistance of a financial advisor, Planned Giving can help you meet your charitable financial goals.

Your contribution is tax-deductible as described on your receipt and to the extent allowed by law. Note: Donations must be received by Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County on, or before, December 31, 2017, to be deductible in the 2017 tax year. Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County is organized under the laws of the Illinois, United States and is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. EIN/tax ID number: 27-2412841.

Mailing Address P.O. Box 1019 Peotone, IL 60468

Phone Number 708-258-3959


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