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Contingency Plan


No one likes to think of the day they won’t be around to care for their pet. But if you don’t, what will happen to your devoted pet? Will it be dropped at a shelter? Will it be given away?  

We are hoping to help you make a contingency plan for your loved pet in case of death or if you are hospitalized for an extended period of time. There are 3 simple steps to help ensure your pet has the best chance at a happy life in your temporary or possible permanent absence.

  1. Caregivers- We strongly suggest you have 2 individuals and a rescue/shelter of your choice that are willing to care for your pet if you are unable.

  2. Written Instructions- To help your pet transition into a new home and maintain their health we have made a free form that breaks down diet, exercise, medications, special needs, and behavioral habits. 

  3. Financing- Every person will have a different situation with the planned Caregivers. Some might have paid caregivers or plan to relinquish to a rescue/shelter and other might have caregivers that are willing to take the animal with no charge but might need financial help with medical bills. You can set up an account with funds that are only to go to your pet’s care and to ensure that they do have a Power of Attorney in charge of the account.


We recommend you have your Attorney look it over if you are putting in it your will.

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