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Become a Sponsor

Why you should sponsor a rescue animal:

Sponsoring an animal is one of the greatest ways you can give to Illinois Horse Rescue. Not only are you donating to our mission, you're also sponsoring an animal who needs your help.


Here are five good reasons to help:

  • We receive no state or federal funding and exist only through donations.

  • Caring for the horses is expensive and entails a lot of hard work.

  • Due to physical ailments or injuries, some of our animals are not immediately ready to be placed for adoption.

  • Your sponsorship is tax deductible.

Your donations through our sponsorship program will go directly to caring for the specific horse or animal that you choose to kindly support until he or she is adopted into a loving home. At that point, your sponsorship dollars will be used to care for another animal that is in just as much need of a compassionate and generous person as ever. 

To complete your sponsorship process, simply choose an animal below you would like to sponsor, click sponsor and complete the payment form.

Meet the rescue animals at IHRWC. Some of them are up for adoption, in rehab, or permanent residents that will live out their lives here at Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County as sanctuary members.  All the sanctuary members participate in our outreach program, At-Risk Youth Program, Veterans program, and to help educate in our veterinary care program, just to name a few.


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