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Below are animals that are NOT Owned by Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County!

They are owners that are struggling to find their animal a forever home. If you are interested in one of them please contact the person directly. 

Freyja, is a 2001, 16 hh, solid bay, Thoroughbred Mare, race name is Flashback Dancer. She was born in Florida and raced for three years. At some point she sustained an injury to her left hip (we think it was a gate injury from the track and she has a scar along her hip from it. It is purely cosmetic and has never caused her any issues. She was used as a broodmare and bounced homes. I found Freyja in a kill pen in Texas. She is a great mare who is laid back, with good manners, and is a honest horse as the day is long.  She cross ties and hitch ties without issues. She is good for the farrier. She is in front shoes with a pad, no back shoes, and does not require any additional specialist shoeing. She loads well and will hop on the trailer with no issue. She is a little wiggly for baths, though loves her face washed, but you can clip her from head to hoof just fine. She also has had her teeth floated every year and is current on shots.


She is the bottom of any herd and goes out well with foals, minis, mares and geldings alike. She prefers older horses and can get picked on easily. She is currently in a pasture board situation but can be stalled and has no issues. She does not crib or pace either. She does become attached to stall mates if boarded in a barn but is not barn sour. She eats 2 quarts of senior feed once a day and is on a general overall senior supplement from SmartPak.


She is unfortunately "unrideable" due to pedal osteitis in both front feet. While the vet said she could do light riding in soft footing, there is no way to know how long she can go. She would also most likely need a light rider, under 160 lbs., to keep from putting any overdue pressure on her front feet. She is quite a fancy mare once she gets moving and I was sad to give up her dressage training as she really excels at it.


I am wiling to send her blankets (a medium and heavy weight), sheet, and cooler along with her to any potential new home.. I do ask for pictures of the property or barn before she will be released to any new owner and would like a picture in April and September every year to see how she is doing. I will also be asking for a first right of refusal in case her new home is not a forever one.

Please contact Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County to get more information. 708-258-3959


Chance is a 23 year old Paint horse.  He is very broke and has good manners.  He stands good for the farrier.  He loves kids and attention.  Chance has cushings disease and requires a special diet and medication.  He's up for adoption to a good home that can afford to maintain his dietary needs.  He's located in Central IL in between Bloomington and Peoria.

Please email


Millie was given to me back in August was fine outside but since I don’t have warmth for to remain outside she is currently in my home. She is litter box trained. She eats pot belly pig pellets along with snacks on the side. She is about 3-4 years old. And weights about 110. She would have to be picked up from our home because we dint have means to transfer her.  Please email me at

Mailing Address P.O. Box 1019 Peotone, IL 60468

Phone Number 708-258-3959


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