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Before and After Stories

Since our opening in April 2011, Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County has rescued over 1,200 animals.  Thanks to the generous support of our many donors, here are just a few of the before and after stories.






This boy had a hard life of bouncing from home to home. We rescued him, he was 200 pounds underweight. We showed him a lot of love from the start and made him feel at home. He was a difficult keeper, requiring a very high caloric diet (to maintain his weight), which took him longer to find his forever home. After being with us over a year he finely found his forever home.


Everyone you talked to that met Harley would tell you he was the sweetest horse they ever met. He was bought for a birthday present for a little girl. They had him less than a year and the little girl already lost interest in him. The barn they had him at was not properly caring for him and he was almost 200 pounds underweight when his owners reliquished him to Illinois Horse Rescue of Will county. After he was at the rescue for a few months you could already see what a big stocky boy he was going to be. He got adopted by an amazing lady who always dreamed of having a horse.


Jasper was an owner relinquish from an owner with little horse experience. He was around 150 pounds underweight. He was very timid around people. He got to a healthy weight and found his forever pasture home with a wonderful lady who was looking for a buddy for her horse.


When we found this poor girl; she was 500 pounds underweight, had fur falling off in patches and bones visible beneath her skin. She had been out in the fields in scorching hot weather desperate for a drink of water. She was severely malnourished and dehydrated. We brought her to our facility and began the rehabilitation process necessary to help her survive her ordeal. After half a year Ashland regained her strength and is in a very loving home with her new adoptive family.


Phoenix was one tough old boy! He was found abandoned in a farmer’s field left for dead. Illinois horse Rescue of Will County rescued him and had the veterinarian come out the same day to examine him. He needed 3 teeth pulled, that were infected and causing him discomfort to eat.  After months of a strict meal plan, he was finally at a healthy weight and ready to go to his new forever home!


This cute little girl was so scared of people, it took weeks of daily handling and TLC to earn our trust. She was underweight and loaded with lice when Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County rescued her. After all the time rehabilitating her she was hard to say goodbye to when she found her new forever home to a lovely family that loves to spoil her.


This handsome boy was around 300 pounds underweight and he was left behind on a foreclosed property. Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County rescued him and discovered a he was a very sweet boy. When he got to a healthy weight it took no time to find him a forever home.

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