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The Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County was founded to provide shelter and care for mistreated or abandoned horses and other animals. We provide shelter, food, and veterinary services for these animals until a suitable home can be found. As secondary services, we provide educational and therapeutic programs to local schools and charities with and about these animals.


There I was snuggled up on the couch. The aroma of my home

lulling me into a sound sleep. WAIT, where are we going? This

carrier is so cold! Not the Vet again! After a long car ride my

carrier bounced as I was transported to a building. The smells

were so different. I smelled other cats and…Dogs(!) as I was

transferred to a cold open cage.

I am Valentina, a middle-aged female cat that was rescued by

Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County (IHRWC). I want to tell you a

little about me and how I came to this great rescue.

My owners left me at a very unfamiliar place that had hundreds of

cats and DOGs. Can you just imagine living in your closet? That is

how I felt, one small area to eat, sleep and use the litter pan. I

wanted to play, run and cuddle with my family, with any human.


The days passed by slowly, I longed to play, run about and be

cuddled. Soon I became frustrated, sad and aggressive. The

shelter did nothing wrong to make me this way. I had my litter

pan cleaned, fresh water daily, along with 2 meals a day. They

could not help that I felt claustrophobic and was just plan unhappy

living in a cage! My neighbors in other cages urged me be nice and

friendly. They explained I would only be adopted if I was nice.

Week after week I watched as kittens were cuddled and left with their new families. I realized that adult cats did not leave as often, but I knew it could be years for me, but I just did not care anymore.

Click Here to Read the Valentina's story.

Contribute with Care and Peace of Mind

  • Your contribution is used to buy food, medicine, and veterinary care.

  • Animal Rescue and Safety, is what we do every day.

  • We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so your donation is tax-deductible.

  • We believe every animal deserves a second chance, no one is turned away.

  • You can give in confidence; we are a GuideStar Approved Charity.

Abandoned Horses in Need of Rescue

The unpredictable weather both the warm months and the cold are making it hard on horse owners everywhere. There are horses being abandoned all over the Midwest. When those animals have nowhere else to go, we can rescue them. Your help can buy them the food and medical care they need to make a full recovery.


Mailing Address P.O. Box 1019 Peotone, IL 60468

Phone Number 708-258-3959


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