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The Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County was founded in 2011, to provide shelter and care for mistreated or abandoned horses and other animals. We provide shelter, food, and veterinary services for these animals until a suitable home can be found. As secondary services, we provide educational and therapeutic programs to local schools and charities with and about these animals.



Rescue Animal


Hi! I’m Corona, a 17-year-old Paint gelding. I came to IHRWC in December because my previous owners were moving out of the country.  I am a big boy! I stand around 17 HH. I would love an confident intermediate rider. I'm am navicular but can handle light work. I'm good for the vet and farrier. I'm ready to jump in your trailer to go home with you today!  


His adoption fee is $500. Please think about opening your home and heart to me today!

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Do you know how it is like to watch others eat … but no one comes to feed you? I do! My stomach was empty for so many days. I would wait listening to the others eat. What did I do wrong? Why do they always forget me?

​My life wasn’t always bad. I had a loving family with kids that gave me lots of attention. But that happy life ended a year ago when my owners separated. I hear separations are never easy.

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We want to also introduce you to sweet Sapphire. She was just dumped in a farmer’s cow pasture. We went and rescued her in a thunderstorm on August 11th! She had 3 open wounds on her legs that were very alarming and about 150 pounds underweight. The Veterinary showed up 2 hours later. The back left leg has horrible proud flesh that was just left untreated. The other 2 legs had one summer sore with proud flesh each. The vet cleaned her wounds and she wants us to keep rewrapping her every day for 2 – 3 months.  

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We had a very sad rescue come in. Shez a Magic Girl a 21-year-old Standardbred. IHRWC received a call asking if we would take in an emaciated horse. The person did not feel comfortable telling the story of how they acquired her and wanted to remain anonymous. The first day she was here she was very shy of us. She didn't want us to touch her and would move away. By the next afternoon, she was coming up to us. We kept telling her the past is in the past they only care about your future here!

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Contribute with Care and Peace of Mind

  • Your contribution is used to buy food, medicine, and veterinary care.

  • Animal Rescue and Safety, is what we do every day.

  • We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so your donation is tax-deductible.

  • We believe every animal deserves a second chance, no one is turned away.

  • You can give in confidence; we are a GuideStar Approved Charity.

Abandoned Horses in Need of Rescue

The unpredictable weather both the warm months and the cold are making it hard on horse owners everywhere. There are horses being abandoned all over the Midwest. When those animals have nowhere else to go, we can rescue them. Your help can buy them the food and medical care they need to make a full recovery.

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Come out and join us for a day full of FUN!

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Banshee and Volunteer
Banshee and Volunteer

One of our volunteers saying goodbye to Banshee before she goes to her new forever home!

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The volunteers are unloading a truck load of hay into the barn to feed the rescue animals.

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Come out and join us for a day full of FUN!

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