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They are NOT Garbage!

This is Samson checking in for Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. I have a special treat for you this month! I would like to introduce you to my newest friend here at Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County, his name is Fluke. When I told him I wanted to tell his story about how he got here and what his experience has been so far, he was so excited! He did ask one favor though, he asked if he could tell you his experience, firsthand. How could I tell him no? So please join me in welcoming him to the family!!! Take it away, Fluke!!!

Hi everyone! Thanks for letting me tell you, my story! As Samson said, my name is Fluke, but just a few days ago I was only known as “Dumpster Puppy”. I didn’t really like that name, but I guess it made sense at the time. You see late one night, while I was with my people, they took me for a walk but instead of taking me back home with them, they tied me up to a dumpster in Monee. I’m not really sure why those people did that to me. I was scared and lonely. I didn’t know what was going to happen but thankfully good people came and untied me from the dumpster!!! I was brought to IHRWC. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help them identify the people who dumped me (nor did I really want to) because I am only 3 months old. I was so sad when I realized that the people thought I was just garbage, to be thrown into the dumpster. I love the people that I am staying with here at IHRWC. They give me good food and lots of pats and they talk to me so nicely! I even got to meet the veterinarian already and got my shots and worming done. I didn’t so much like the shots, but Jessica, the President, said that it is important in order to keep me healthy. I am ready to find my forever home. Please call (708) 258-3959 to learn more about me. My adoption fee is $200.

What’s really neat about being here is that I get to hang out in the office at the rescue with Jessica all day. She is always very busy working to help animals who need help, like me. But I overheard a conversation today that really has me worried. I heard that there are not enough donations coming in to cover the daily operations at the rescue. In fact, they seemed stressed while talking about the financial struggle they are having right now. They said that the bill to feed me and all the rescue animals for the month of July was over $6000.00!! And that doesn’t even count any of the other monthly bills that come in just to keep the facility running. The worst part was that I heard them say that for the month of July they only made $1400.00 in donations. Well, I’m no math wiz but that doesn’t sound like it adds up. I sure to hope that there are more great people out there that can help out so that Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County can continue to help more animals like me who were treated like garbage before being rescued. We sure do deserve a second chance at life, and we are looking forward to being a loving addition to a fantastic family looking for a sweet rescue, like me!! Ever dollar does add up! Please donate $7 to cover 1 bale of hay!


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