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2023 is Over...2024 is Next

Hey there, pals! Samson here, braying in for the latest scoop of Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. Happy New Year to all! I'm all ears and hooves ready for another fantastic year of sharing the haps from Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County. But, hold your hay, let me fill you in on what went down last month.

December kicked off with a whopping 13 adoptions! As I mentioned earlier, Fluke found his forever home, and guess who joined the adoption party? Gunsmoke! He got his ticket to a new life this month, and word has it, his new peeps are head over hooves for him. Just like Fluke's crew, they say he's feeling right at home.

Gunsmoke is being kissed my his adopter.
Gunsmoke adoption day!

Now, on a bit of a downer, my buddy Corona is still patiently waiting. Can you believe it's been over three years? Let's cross our hooves and hope he finds his people soon.

Oh, and about those Gifts of Hope mailers—sorry if you got a double dose! The first one we sent in November seemed to vanish into thin air and the post office that mailed it was no help. With donations in short supply, we couldn't risk waiting, so we whipped up another batch and sent it through our reliable Peotone Post Office. Three days later, bingo! Still no sign of the first one, though.

Before I trot off to munch on my first meal of 2024, can we talk about the weather in December? It was like a donkey dream! I can't recall a December that warm. Personally, I'm hoping for a bit more snow this year—I'm a snow-play enthusiast.

Catch you next month for more tales from Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths!


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