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Heartfelt Farewell and Hard Times

Greetings, this is Samson, here to provide an update for "Straight from the Rescues' Mouths." Regrettably, this month has been filled with sadness and challenges for all of us at the Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County.

Yesterday, we had to bid a heartfelt farewell to our dear friend, Sequoia. Sequoia's journey began when he was rescued from an abusive situation shortly after our organization's inception. After a few months of gaining his trust, he became an invaluable member of our outreach program. Sequoia played a vital role in helping our human friends understand the issues of abuse and neglect that horses endure. He educated people on how to care for and treat horses while also providing essential support for mental health. In 2020, Sequoia was diagnosed with EPM, a condition I personally despise and fear more than any other equine ailment. He fought valiantly for over three years, continuously bringing joy to people's lives and enjoying his days in the pasture with his girlfriend. Sequoia will always be remembered and cherished. Run free, my old friend!

Running a nonprofit is no easy task. Typically, those involved in nonprofit work are generous souls who loathe asking for help, especially when it comes to financial assistance. Our dedicated human companions have been appealing for support, either through adoptions or financial contributions. Caring for large animals like myself comes with substantial costs. Today alone, our office received ten calls from people looking to surrender animals, and unfortunately, we had to decline all but one (a chicken). Not a single call came in for adoptions. It leaves us wondering about the fate of those we cannot assist.

On a slightly more uplifting note, Sunflower and Winter found their forever homes and were adopted this month. They are now happily settled into their new lives.

With winter approaching and the first snowfall today, we're bustling with preparations. Stay tuned for our next update next month to learn about the latest happenings from "Straight from the Rescues' Mouths."


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