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Cliff notes to so many things

Hee-haw, Everyone!

Samson here, reporting in for Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. I always say it’s March Madness, and this weather is sure proving my point. 20 and 70’s all in one month, but I guess we've truly seen this the whole year with the crazy up-and-down temperatures.

Anyways, there have been so many great things that have happened this month I don’t know where to start, and I also have to watch I don’t carry on braying at you. So, cliff notes version.

We had another great year at Comedy for the Critters and received $3,000 from the fundraiser. A huge SHOUT OUT to Kathy, our awesome supporter, who organizes this fundraiser for us and 2 other animal rescues.

As most of you might know, my human pals have been trying for years to fence in more of our facilities. After 6 years, we were able to thanks to a couple of donors and a few volunteers! We are so excited for the added protection for all of us 2 and 4-legged pals at IHRWC!

With my human pals' help, they sent out a paper mailer to everyone that is not on social media or our emailing list. I guess people didn’t like what I had to say because this mailer hit the highest and lowest all in one. We have received the highest requests to remove their name from our list and the lowest donations received $2,000 in total.

My human pals have received way too many calls from family members confused and unsure what to do with their animals. Please, you are never too young to ensure your furry family member is taken care of properly. We have created a free contingency plan for you.

Check back next month to see what’s new with Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. I’m going to go finish my lunch.


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