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Help Francesca!

Do you know how it is like to watch others eat … but no one comes to feed you? I do! My stomach was empty for so many days. I would wait listening to the others eat. What did I do wrong? Why do they always forget me?

My life wasn’t always bad. I had a loving family with kids that gave me lots of attention. But that happy life ended a year ago when my owners separated. I hear separations are never easy and I couldn’t imagine how much harder it is with kids and animals. I didn’t see the wife or kids and was left in the husband’s care.

Once the wife found out the I was not being cared for like she was told, she contacted Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County and fought to get me to safety. The day she came to pick me up was a huge blessing. My hooves where so long and hurt so bad, that I could hardly walk.

IHRWC welcomed me with smiles and love. I was put in a stall with fresh shavings, clean water, and there was HAY! Everything was so clean for me and fresh! This was a blessing in itself because I was used to living in a foot-deep stall of my own poop. It was stuck to my body because I spent most of the day laying down to relieve my painful hooves. I was seen by the farrier the next day. He found an old nail at the toe where I had shoes on at one point that were never removed. I was hoping for instant relief but sadly there’s new pain with walking correctly. I guess it could take a couple of months for the nerves to heal.

The vet showed up right after the farrier (it was a busy day for me). My heart, lungs, eyes, and temperature were all good. My body score is a 2 (the scale is 1 being worst and 9 obese) and need to gain around 300 pounds to be at a healthy weight.

My road to recovery I know will be long and very costly. I beg you to donate toward my care and the many other animals at IHRWC. If you can find it in your heart to sacrifice a little something and bless this organization you will be helping them.

Please help us and send your gift today! All of us rescue animals are counting on your support.


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