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The Good and the Sad...

This is Sapphire checking in for Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. I have been at Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County for almost 2 months. They are taking great care of me and amazing supports have donated most of the supplies that I require for my wounds. My wounds are looking great! I can’t wait for fly season to be done so I can have them finish healing with no wrap.

Sapphire thankful for vet wrap

I have become good friends with Francesca. She is definitely a little bossy to me, but I have learn to just avoid her when she is in one of her moods. She got shoes put on her front feet and they seem to have relieved some of the pain. There has already been talk of doing x-rays on her in November if she doesn’t improve more. Other then her feet she is looking REALLY good! She should be at a healthy weight by the end of this month!

Francesca after only 2 months.

September had a very sad rescue come in. IHRWC received a call asking if they would take in an emaciated horse. The person did not want to tell the story and wanted to remain anonymous on how they acquired her. The first day she was here she was very shy of my human pals. She didn't want them to touch her and would move away from them. By the next afternoon she was coming up to them. We kept telling her the past is in the past they only care about your future here! She enjoyed being groomed and going on short walks. Hooves down her favorite part of the day was mealtime! I will admit I was a little jealous at how often she got to eat until I seen how much she get fed each feeding. She was doing GREAT, and we were getting our hopes up.

Day 5 of being at IHRWC she went down and couldn’t get up on her own. Several volunteers came to help get her standing again. YAY! We were all so relieved! Day 6 morning she was standing and until the afternoon. My human pals are so good at understanding us sometimes. They let her stay laying down for a while to rest her old sore bones before putting a sling on her and getting her up. Day 7 went the same way. Day 8 was different. I watched her lay down around 5 AM and she didn’t fight to get up. Not even when my human pals came to feed her at 6 AM. My pals sat with her telling her it was okay. Shez a Magic Girl gave up her fight that morning. Magic Girl still weights very heavy on everyone’s heart. She will always be remembered and loved!

With that I’m going to go and be thankful that I am at IHRWC. Check back next month to see what’s new with Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. Also please think about donating today. Every dollar helps!


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