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Rain or Shine is the Question?

Help a Horse Day is almost here!!!!

Hi Friends! This is Samson checking in for Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. I’m so happy to get to talk to you again! I am bursting with excitement to update you on our progress for our upcoming Help a Horse Day Fundraiser, but before we talk about that, let me update you on some less exciting (but essential) business. All of my friends and I, here at the rescue, have completed our spring vet care. We all got our Spring shots (Ouch!). We also got our teeth and sheaths cleaned. While it’s not our favorite thing, the volunteers assure us that we must cooperate so that we can stay happy and healthy. Thank you again to all of you who generously donated so that we can run and play and be happy.

Now on to my favorite topic! Help a Horse Day is ALMOST HERE!!! Yup you heard me right! This Saturday, April 30th is THE BIG DAY!!! The other rescues and I can’t wait to see you here at our barn and show you around. We have so many really great activities planned! And the BEST part is that by coming and participating in our event, you will be benefitting all of us rescues here at the barn!

YES!! RAIN or SHINE we are having our fundraiser.

It's all inside our house!

Just a reminder that there will be all kinds of activities like horse and pony rides, horse grooming, an educational petting zoo, coloring contest and fun games with prizes. Also we will have raffles and much MORE!!! The event starts at 10 am and goes until 3 pm. We have worked hard to plan all the activities and get the barn ready for all of our guests! Come and visit me while you are here and don’t forget to bring some of your friends with you so they can meet all of my great friends too! See ya Saturday!!!! Check back month for another update with Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths.


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