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Snow...Fundraiser... and Orphan Lamb...

This is Samson checking in for Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. I’m going to give you the month overview because February was a very busy month.

First, We Got SNOW, Snow, and more SNOW!!! I was so happy playing with my friend, Huckleberry, in the snow but the snow drifts were so big that I had to jump through them. Until they got so deep, we did not want to go out and my human pals had to make a path for us. My human pals had more work with shoveling and plowing, but they are good sports about it. We all survived to frigid temperatures and now I am watching the snow melt just as fast as it came!

Next, my pals and I got to see our Doctor (Veterinarian) to get some of our Spring shots. Yes, we know it is not spring yet! Our Doctor recommended it to us a few years ago and we have done it ever since. The bill for just the start of our spring medical is $3,000.00. If anyone would think about donating toward our medical bills we would greatly appreciate!

Then, we tried a Pampered Chef Fundraiser. A HUGE Shout out to everyone who shopped our IHRWC’s Pampered Chef Fundraiser. We sold around $1,000 in product. Pampered Chef will be donating $155 to us. Thank you everyone!

A new little rescue was next! Waylon, a little lamb, was rescued after his mother died giving birth to him. He is now 3 weeks old and doing great! He will be going up for adoption once he is weaned off the bottle.

The last thing I want to tell you before I go eat my dinner is my home is having a Huge Barn Sale March 19 and 20. Come see me and check out the goodies we have.

That is all for this week. Check back next month for another update with Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths.


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