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Summer Sizzles and New Friends

This is Samson checking in for Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. Oh boy! I personally am not a fan of summer because it’s too hot to play with Huckleberry. June was way to hot for all of us and we hope July is cooler. Also we all HATE those little fly piranhas!!!

Ginger and Maryann

I know I’m off the subject of updates and just whining about me, so back to this month's fun report!

We have new guests, Maryann and Ginger. Their previous owner loved them so much that they did the hardest thing. They surrendered them to IHRWC because their health had taken a bad turn, and they were no longer able to give them the care they felt they needed. Once these girls’ medical care is all done, they will be going up for adoption, hopefully by August 1st. They bray on and on like me, but they make me a little nervous.

Can you believe I have helped clean stalls? We are extremely short on volunteers for both helping with chores around the barn in the mornings or different outings. I would love to make some new human friends! For more information, please contact my human friends at 708-258-3959.

Finally, I know you have heard this before, but maybe hearing it from me will be a little different. The 4th of July is in a few days. Please make sure all your fur babies and fur friends are locked up tight. We do not enjoy watching or hearing the loud fire in the sky. Actually, it terrifies us. Studies show that the report of missing animals jumps up 30% to 50% on the 4th of July weekend, and only half of the animals return home. Please protect us and keep us SAFE!

Hope everyone has a great July 4th weekend. Check back next month to see what's new with Straight from the Rescues' Mouths.

With love, Samson

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