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We count the little Blessings!

This is Samson checking in for Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. This month has been a great month. Do not worry I am going to tell you why. We received many little blessings that just warms my heart and make me feel the love from everyone. The first thing that happened must deal with shopping! Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County has been doing a lot of feed orders online this year with Farm n Fleet. They went online to order the grain and found that it was on sale for half off. Imagine the excitement! They ordered as much as they had in stock (56 bags). Two hours later my human friends received a call from Farm n Barn (as we call it) there was a mistake, and the grain is sold out. We could come in to get a rain check and that is exactly what they did. Only the news got worse. They grain that was on sale was mistake and the bags were discontinued. ☹ My human friends are so understanding. Farm and Barn offered to give latest sale price on 40 bags for the trouble and could pick up in a couple days. You will never guess what happened the next day! Farm and Barn called to tell us that they received 40 bags of the discontinued grain and we could get it for the half off sale price if we wanted. Well of course my human friends said yes and picked it up that day! We now have enough grain for the cows, sheep, and goats to last us to the end of February. That is a huge blessing with how tight IHRWC’s finances have been this past year.

The second blessing is that my good friend Sequoia (pictured above for those of you who don't know him) started his EPM medicine finally. Today marks 5 doses! Please cross your hooves that it works for him. Sequoia was one of the very first horses IHRWC rescued and has lived here helping with their outreach programs ever since. I hope that I can impact as many people as he does.

The third blessing is finding KPI Electric in Kankakee, Illinois! For some reason this past couple years, the electrical outlets would trip every time we tried to use them. Luckily, we found a very nice electrician who answered our call and was able to come to the farm! He took care of all our outlet problems, and now we can use the heaters with NO issues! A big thank you to KPI Electric for getting us taken care of so quickly! This helps our human friends from having to break frozen water troughs several times a day.

This last blessing is more personal…the weather! We were having some unseasonably warm weather this month (my human friends were NOT complaining!) but ended up with some snow now. A lot are wishing for warmer weather already and I am sitting here wishing for more snow to play in. I was very disappointed we didn’t get the 10 inches of snow they were predicting for us. We got maybe 2 inches.

Oh I think I hear my human pals coming to get me for dinner so that’s all for today. Check back next week for the latest update to Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. Samson checking out here.


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