What Kittens!?

Hello everyone! This is Samson checking in with Straight from the Rescues' Mouths. This week/month has been a whirlwind!! I’m going to try and give you the cliff notes edition of the 2 important stories.

Poor RC, a 10 year old Thoroughbred,…I really feel bad for this boy. I have waited for all the puzzle pieces to fall into place before telling his story and announce he is ready for adoption! RC was relinquished the first time in December 2017 and adopted March 2018. I was very shocked to hear that his adopter called needing to relinquish him last month. The barn that was using him for lesson and leasing him called her tell her they no longer needed him. When he arrived, I heard them talking about him possibly having back leg issues and they barn had a chiropractor