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12th Anniversary, Black Beauty, and Fundraiser WOW

Howdy Everyone!

This is Samson checking in for Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. Most of this month everyone here has been busy making friends with our newest rescue. I would like you to introduce you to Black Beauty aka BB.

This poor old girl is being show lots of love and care unlike her previous home. She is on a diet plan to help her gain around 300 pounds she need to be at a healthy weight. She was seen by our veterinarian because she had a baseball size mass hanging off her back pastern. The mass was all proud flesh from an injury that was neglected. Thankfully the Veterinarian was able to remove it successfully. Our human friends have been super diligent on making sure it’s clean and rewrapped daily to insure the proper healing for her. She is a super sweet girl and so patient with everything. She has a longer road to recovery and would appreciate any sponsorship.

Did you know that my home, Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County, is celebrating their 12th anniversary! For 12 years they have been working hard to impact both the lives of human and animals. Huge shout out the amazing supporter who have donated toward their mission of an animal rescue and rehabilitation entwined with emotional healing for our outreach programs. IHRWC runs solo on donations from generous individuals.

Our HUGE fundraiser is this month!!! Come out to meet me at Help a Horse Day Fundraiser April 29th! Mark your calendars and don’t wait to get your tickets today.

Check back next month to see what’s new with Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. I’m going to go finish my breakfast.


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