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Overwhelmingly Grateful!!!

This is Athena checking in for Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths.

Guess what?! We got a wonderful generous donation today! We had a kind person contact us that she had arranged with her local feed store to help bring us a pallet of grain (40 bags that lasts us 2 weeks) along with shavings and what they could fit in the truck. To our surprise the truck was stuffed of goodies!! There were buckets, wormers, HAY, shavings, grain, some wrap and much much more!!!

My pals and I are so overwhelmingly Grateful! Without the amazing sacrifice from amazing people we would not be getting our second chance. I would like to thank My Feed Barn for helping bring everything to us.

Last thing before I go back to eating… we are having a Fall Open House Saturday November 16 from 9am to 1pm. We would love to see meet you and you can hear our stories. All donations are greatly appreciated and check out our Fall Wish List.

So, check back next week to see what's new with Straight from the Rescues' Mouths.


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