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Pegasus Found His Forever!

This is Samson checking in for Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths.

This month Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County was picked to be The Serendipity Sales Charity. My human friends set up a booth and had raffle baskets. I heard they had a good turn-out and educated lots of people on the abuse that happens to horses and other farm animals. (People are always shocked by this because they think of only cats and dogs.)

The next GREAT thing that happened this month was Pegasus found his forever home! A young lady fell in love with him at first sight and they had an amazing connection. He moved to his new home and has already sent us updates on how spoiled he is. He even made a horse friend. (This was very shocking to all of us because he was not friendly towards others here!)

Well I must get going because we are very busy prepping for winter. Next month I will try my hardest to go back to my weekly updates. So, check back next week to see what's new with Straight from the Rescues' Mouths.


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