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15 Pony Rescue!

This is Sky Blue checking in for Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. Wow has this been a busy week here! McHenry County Animal Control called Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County for help and of course my home (IHRWC) would never say no! Our rescue crew drove up to Woodstock, Illinois Wednesday morning to pick up 15 ponies for McHenry County Animal Control at no cost to them. There was 9 stud ponies and 6 mares.

IHRWC called many Veterinarians to get them gelded before fly season starts and they were not having the best luck finding a Vet that could get out soon. Thankfully one vet recommended University of Illinois’s Large Animal Hospital for the clinical trials that they offer, and it would be free to get them gelded. That is always great news for a nonprofit like IHRWC. Especially since we were getting quoted anywhere from $200 to $500 per stud pony just to gelded. U of I only had 3 spots open, so Don’t Wanna, Regal, and Rocco went down there Wednesday after being picked up. Don't Wanna didn't want to get gelding and tried to pretend he was a gelding already... but he didn't fool the vets and they were able to get him done. Regal had no problems at all! Poor little Rocco was also gelded and sadly did not make it. He did not wake up from the anesthesia well and started having seizures. The Vets did what they could, but they could not get the seizures to stop. They believe he might have had unlined health issues that we were unaware of.

Talk about making the other 6 little studs, IHRWC, and all of us rescues nervous about their upcoming gelding appointment! Smith Animal Clinic in Crown Point, Indiana is AMAZING and worked with us on the price. They also were able to get the last 6 studs in Friday. Yesterday he was able to get all 6 gelded and everyone is doing great! Talk about prayers being answered! The 8 (now) geldings will be up for adoption very soon. The 6 mares will take a little longer because the Vet must come out to do a spring work up and pregnancy checks to make sure only mares not in foal go up for adoption.

I get to share a bedroom wall with Gidget, Fidget, and Sister and they are very worried about how much they are costing Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County. I need you to show them all that amazing support you all have for us. Help them by sponsoring their medical cost! Each of the 9 boys is costing Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County $200 apiece. After all medical is done IHRWC will spend over $3,000 on just medical for the 15 ponies. PLEASE SPONSOR at

Check back next week to see what’s new with Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths and we will keep you undated on who gets sponsors.


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