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Hard week for the Humans

This is Chaps checking in for Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths. I’m one of the 15 ponies that were rescued March 27. The humans have had a hard week this week. They try to put smiles on and keep the problems to themselves, but we know. Jacki (IHRWC’s barn manager) is out on medical leave for the next week at least. Tony (the founder) had the forks on the loader bounce back and hit both his legs yesterday. Tony tried to hurry and clean our bedrooms, so he didn’t have to leave it to the 3 volunteers that were here yesterday but thankfully someone forced him to go to the hospital. Thankfully he didn’t break them, and the swelling already has started to go down today. Jessica and Penellope are both sick and trying to rest for the busy day with the vet tomorrow. Please think about sponsoring one of us little ponies! Not one of us has had anyone sponsor us! IHRWC has already spend close to $2,000 on just medical for us so far. Yesterday they had to get more hay and shavings. Tomorrows vet bill is guessed to be around $1,500. My new home (Illinois Horse Rescue of Will County) works around the clock to give us our second chance. Please help by sponsoring one of us. The vet will be out to do spring shots, teeth, sheath cleans, cogins, and pregnancy checks on the other 5 mares (I already know that I’m due any day to foal). If they are not pregnant, they will be ready for adoption too. Check back tomorrow to see what’s happening when the vet comes. Till tomorrow Chaps with Straight from the Rescues’ Mouths.


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